Our world, our future, our responsibility.

The Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United Nations is tasked to actively participate in fulfilling the goals and principles of the United Nations, while promoting the national position of Hungary, and to advise national authorities on the developments in the international arena.

The Permanent Mission acts in the spirit of dialogue, openness, inclusivity and bridge-building, with due respect for others’ positions, in search of long term, principled win-win solutions for the universal issues related to peace, security, social and economic development and human rights.

While Hungary is fully committed to fulfilling all obligations and goals of the United Nations, it puts particular emphasis to the following foreign policy priorities:


Strengthening preventive diplomacy as well as building trust and reconciliation. Hungary supports further strengthening prevention, dispute resolution, early warning capacities, including through the implementation of the Responsibility to Protect principle.

Actively participating in the maintenance of peace and security. Hungary, with 93 troops on the field, is a significant troop contributor for UN operations, such as in Lebanon, Cyprus, Western Sahara, Kosovo and the Central African Republic. Hungary supports the peacekeeping reform efforts, including its better linkage with peacebuilding, with special focus on building inclusive societies, education, protection of culture and human rights. Hungary fully supports the UN’s counter terrorism efforts.

Ensuring accountability. Understanding the mutually reinforcing correlation between peace, security and accountability, Hungary supports ensuring criminal justice for atrocity crimes.

Promoting and protecting human rights. Lasting economic prosperity can only be achieved for the people and by the people, through full economic, social and political inclusion. This requires the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, women, children and religious, ethnic, linguistic minorities and all persons with disabilities.

Strengthening human rights mechanisms. Hungary supports initiatives ensuring the independence of the Human Rights Council and its special procedures, and preventing all forms of reprisals against human rights defenders.

Championing gender equality. Hungary is a strong supporter of efforts aimed at providing equal rights and empowerment of women in all educational, economic, financial, judicial and social processes, as an important key to global progress.

Supporting and renewing humanitarian activities. Hungary actively participates in the multi-stakeholder consultations leading up to the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, including by hosting the Europe and Others regional consultations in Budapest.

Working for a better United Nations. Hungary seeks to create a more responsive, effective, efficient United Nations and supports better reflection of the current economic realities when financing its activities.

Supporting the Security Council as the ultimate body responsible for maintaining international peace and security. Hungary supports Security Council reform and enlargement efforts aimed at reflecting the realities of the 21st century. Hungary also focuses on improving the working methods of the Security Council and its interaction with other organs within, and outside of the UN.

Hungary is an active participant in the work of different UN trend setting groups. Hungary is Member of the Group of Friends of Financial Inclusion, Friends of Culture, Friends of Sustainable Energy for All, Friends of Sustainable Cities, Friends of Decent Work for All, Friends of MDGs, Friends of LDCs, Friends of R2P, Friends of ICC. Hungary is a founder member of the Group of ACT (Accountability, Coherence, Transparency) on Security Council reform and member of the Humanitarian Liaison Working Group. Water as key to human well-being and sustainable development in general. Hungary as the co-chair of the Steering Committee of the Group of Friends of Water aims to provide added value to water-related decisions and implementation measures.

Hungary as a regional center for the United Nations. Hungary takes pride in hosting an increasing number of UN offices (UNHCR, FAO, ILO, IOM, WHO, IMF, UNICEF, IFRC) and will strive to ensure that Budapest becomes a growing regional hub in Europe.