The Permanent Mission of Hungary co-hosted the celebrations and Ambassador Bogyay delivered a statement on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day in the United Nations on 22 February 2017.

This year was the first time that the International Day was celebrated not only in UNESCO in Paris, but at the New York Headquarters as well. Hungary joined the UNESCO and permanent missions of Bangladesh, Peru, Vanuatu and Mauritius in co-hosting the celebrations of International Mother Language Day.

In her statement, Ambassador Bogyay emphasized that mother tongue plays a pivotal role in all aspects of life, be it social and cultural activities, family and social life, work or leisure activities.
She highlighted three key areas: education, self-expression and exchange to illustrate how language shapes culture, preserves and transmits information.
The statements were followed by colorful music and art performances by students and members of the UN Secretariat.
To read the full speech by Ambassador Bogyay, please click here.