Participation at the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony

Publicated on: January 27, 2017

H.E. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations and Members of the Hungarian Parliament participated at the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony, held on 27 January, on the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. UN leaders addressing the General Assembly underlined the importance of Holocaust education in fighting anti-Semitism, and promoting tolerance and mutual respect for all cultures and religions of the world.

Speakers at the event included Under-Secretary-General Ms. Cristina Gallach, Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres, President of the General Assembly Mr. Peter Thomson, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Dannon, and Deputy Permanent Representative of the US to the UN Michele Sison. They all payed tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, welcomed survivors present in the room, and highlighted the still relevant and universal message at the heart of Holocaust remembrance: the importance of stepping up against intolerance, xenophobia and racism in all contexts. Keynote speaker and Holocaust survivor Noah Klieger advocated for worldwide education on the Holocaust and on anti-Semitism as a preventive measure.

Hungarian Parliamentarians also participated in the commemorative event, including Mr. Attila Mesterházy, memeber of the Foreign Affaris Committee and László Teleki, former Minister of State for Roma Affairs.



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