Members of the Hungarian Parliament participate at Inter-Parliamentary Union hearing

Publicated on: February 14, 2017

Members of the Hungarian Parliament Mónika Bartos, Erzsébet Schmuck and Head of Hungarian Parliament’s IPU Secretariat Katalin Somfainé Ádám participated at the United Nations Inter-Parliamentary Union Hearing at the UN Headquarters, New York, on 14 February 2017.

The Hearing, co-organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Office of the President of the General Assembly, was devoted to the theme of “A World of Blue: Preserving the oceans, safeguarding the planet, ensuring human well-being in the context of the 2030 Agenda”.

The session opened by Mr. Saber Chowdhury, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Peter Thomson, President of the General Assembly gathered representatives of national and regional parliaments around the globe.

The hearing provided opportunity to exchange views about the role of parliamentarians in achieving sustainable social and economic development, along with environmental protection and the fight against climate change linked to the preparatory process of the United Nations Conference to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 on conserving and using oceans, seas and marine resources sustainably for development. The conference shall address the contribution of Goal 14 to the realization of Agenda 2030 as a whole on 5-9th June 2017.

On the occasion of the event, H.E. Ambassador Katalin Bogyay, Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations received the parliamentary delegation for an exchange of views on the role of the Parliament and women MPs in raising awareness and gathering public support to the implementation of the sustainability agenda.


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